Blu Monkey Hub & Hotel Bangsaen




Blu Monkey Hotel is a collection of boutique hotels, ranging from small to medium-sized establishments with 4 to 79 rooms each. The group is known for its flagship brand, Blu Monkey, and its various extensions, namely Boutique, Bed & Breakfast, Hub & Hotel. Each hotel within the group possesses unique characteristics, emphasizing the following key attributes:


1. Lifestyle Design: Hotels are designed to reflect the local culture, location, and the personal preferences of the hotel owners. They offer a distinct lifestyle experience for guests.

2. Imaginative: Blu Monkey Hotel encourages creativity and innovation in its design and services, fostering an environment where imaginative ideas thrive.

3. Socialized: The hotels are hubs for social interaction, creating spaces where guests can connect, socialize, and build a sense of community.

4. Casual: The atmosphere in these hotels is relaxed and informal, offering guests a comfortable and non-formalized experience.


The differentiating factor among these hotels lies in how they incorporate the concept of “lifestyle design” into their unique settings, local cultures, and the personal preferences of the hotel owners. However, they all share a common goal: to provide guests with a distinctive and memorable lodging experience. The primary target market for Blu Monkey Hotel Group is travelers who appreciate well-defined design and seek out spaces that foster creative communities.


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